Underfloor Heating Systems

Why Choose and Underfloor Heating System? Heating from an under floor source is ideal for hard surfaces which do not warm easily, such as bathroom tiles. This form of heating gently circulates air, decreasing the amount of dust particles that may result from hard blowing heat ventilation. This is also an efficient and practical heating methodology for homes under renovation or being newly constructed and is a system that is highly customisable. This type of heating installation is environmentally sustainable and healthy as well. In-slab Heating Systems These systems heat floors through cables installed inside of a concrete layer directly beneath them. Due to the concrete’s excellent ability to store and emit heat over a consistent period of time, this method poses low to no risk of fires or malfunction. How Does In-Slab Heating Work? The slab of concrete absorbs heat, storing it overnight and then releasing during the day, warming Read More